Monday, November 24, 2008


Tonight is Dancing With The Stars Finale, and it is so exciting! I am torn as to who should win...Here are the last standing contestants.

Lacey is by far my favorite, she has Pizazz, Pop, Creativity...her on stage energy is amazing, however, she is not a contestant. Brooke, is a great natural dancer and its a give in that she should win, but Warren is my pick. I think he is the epitomy of what the show is about. The crowd loves him.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Britney Is Back and She Is Looking Awesome!

Britney Spears attended the "Generation Rescue's Event' hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Saturday night in Los Angeles, California. Brit Brit's looked surprisingly adorabe in her little black ensemble, she's been working out and trying to get the old Britney back.

Sneak Peak: Trina and Killa Mike on the set of "Look Back At Me"

My friends at All That's Fab is giving you a sneak peak on to the set of Trina's new video. Shooting took place on Monday, July 14 for the third single, "Look Back At Me" off the "Still Da Baddest" album. Single features Killa Mike and I hear it's extremely raunchy....Very Trinalicious. Can't wait to see the video, photos look amazing.

Sitting in by a Red Phone. (Lawd...where's the push up Bra? The Baddest Chick is a member of the "itty, bitty *itty committee) Lol....

Here's Ms. Trina Lookin Hot!

OK! Homegirl is doing her thing in this red number....

It's Killa Mike's turn now, here's a shot with a video model

Here's a shot with the crew...

Angela Simmons Releases A Single!

Hey Readers, On my sister site, All That's Fab in NYC I found this posting. Angela Simmons records a single...heard it and sad to say I don't love it.

I love the girls and their Pastry line is cute...but it's clear that music doesn't run in the family. Jojo has been trying to get into the music game since last season and to date we have nothing.

Check it out for yourselves, I want to hear your thoughts.

Chanel Resort 2009

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey Readers, Check out Premiere Video "Baby" featuring The Dream and starring my favorite Beauty, LL COOL J.

LL Cool J Ft. The Dream - Baby Music Video
LL Cool J Ft. The Dream - Baby Music Video

Say it with me ladies...L-L-C-O-O-L-J. He's is timeless !!!

The new video was directed by Benny Boom "Baby" is being set as the first official single from LL's upcoming record, "Exit 13", set to drop August 26.

Ladies, leave comments....let's chat about this one.

How To: Look Fab In A Ponytail

Want to get that high front and don't know, well, we have the step-by-step to gettn' that Ultra Glam Look.

The plumped-up ponytail is basically the same as a regular pony, but...if you're looking for a unique way to give it to your own special oomph, you can add a little bit of height to the front and some volume to the back.

This create an overall more funkier, dressier, polished look. You're one click way to finding out how to re-create in just a few steps....

Step 1: Apply a palmful of mouse into towel-dried hair. Use your had to scrunch your hair to give it more volume.

Step 2: Then, back-comb or tease your hair at the crown until you reach your desired height and gently brush it over to smooth hair out using a boar-bristle brush.

Step 3: Now it's time to gather your hair into a ponytial and secure it just above your eye brows with an elastic band or cord.

Step 4: Tease the ponytail and then apply a light hold gel to the ends. When you are finished, mist your entire head with hairspray and scrunch a little bit more before it dries.

To finish off the Ultra Glam Look...Nudes Lips and a Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ryan Leslie Interview!!!

Hello Blushn' Readers!!! As promised, here is the interview with Ryan Leslie...(the one man show) that I conducted for the very fabulous, All That's Fab in NYC.

Jessica: Hey Ryan how are you? (real deep and mysterious like, he responds)

RL: Doing well, and you?

Jessica: Great. So, the Big Buzz is that you are releasing your second album.

RL: Yeah...we are actually looking at a late August street date.

Jessica: Excited?

RL: Yeah...

Jessica: What's your favorite track?

RL: Um, favorite record on the album? There are so many so many. You know what, each one of those tracks came from me, they are like my cant pick a fav child, you know? I think I like them all and I like them all the same for different reasons.

Jessica: Ok. Well, what should we expect to hear from this album?

RL: The album is actually self titled and I did so because the artists that always inspired me have always been the type like a Stevie Wonder or Prince who were self contained. They were the writers, producers, the songwriters, performers everything ...for me this album represents my version of an artistic expression in that vain. I am the writer producer, arranger, performer, and I recorded all the records myself. (hence, the one man show people)

Jessica: Great...sounds like a lot of hard work was put into this. Now let's move on to Diamond Girl, one of my favorite tracks, composed by you...what was your inspiration?

RL: What was my inspriration?

Jessica: Yeah, was their a special lady??? Whats the story behind the song?

RL: Yeah of course their was a special lady. We all live sort of through a human experience and relationships and love from the time that we are born it just a notion of a concept of love and how to treat each other and our families are our base for that. For me I struggle with my career and there was a lady, no well, there have been a few ladies that have tried to stick it out with me...but my music and my career are very jealous so to speak or maybe thats just life for being self absorbed and distracted from the world when it comes to writing and creating art the way I do. But um, I found someone that I developed a relationship with, a yound lady who I really believed was something special and we ran to the same cross roads...and I lost her. I wanted to write somethig that would show that I could treat her right, something like a slow jam, more sad, more emotional and I couldn't come up with anything and I dont like to force anything in the studio. I ran my hand over the keyboard, from a low key all the way to a higher one and came up with this "tararara"... its called a cresendo, and that was the musical element, that was all I needed from a musical standpoint to inspire me to write a more upbeat anthem for the lady that I believed was right for me.

Jessica: Great story! Who's featured on your album?

RL: The concept of the album was to be self contained, and I was going to put out the album with no features at all and it just so happens that just a couple of weeks ago, we were playing with some ideas in the studio and we came up with "Addiction". That represents the only feature on my album and I figured if we are going to do features we are going to go all the way with it. Thats when I called my good friend and collaborator Fabolous. I played the record for him in the studio and he responded to it really positively, he went in and did his thing and now thats the only track to have a feature... and it has a double feature, featuring Cassie and Fabolous.

Jessica: Heard the song, and I love it. Prior to these two songs (Diamond Girl and Addiction), I never heard of Ryan Leslie...did some research I learned that you have been in the game for a really long time as a Producer, you go've produced stuff for New Edition.

RL: Yeah, I moved to NY and that was when my production started taking off and I had to choose between the two, I had my record deal and got the opportunity to do both at the same time. I took the producer route for a couple of different reasons, one, because it allowed me to basically make money and learn the music industry and number two it gave me the opportunity to put my music out there with other acts and gain a response... and the response so far has been great, the biggest record of my career so far was, Me & You that Cassie recorded.

Jessica: That was a BIG hit! How does it feel to be the artist as opposed to the Producer?

RL: I always get asked that question and my response is always the same, and that is that I have always been the Artist. I took a production deal initially because I didn't have the resources get studio time, as a Producer you get more studio time. That was when I began producing...I was producing records for myself and it just so happens that you know... the records that I was making, artists that were responding to that music and were excited about it and like I said that gave me the opportunity to one, make some money and two learn from those artists that I was working with and three, get my music into the market place. That helped a new artist break into the landscape of the music industry.

Jessica: All That's Fab is featured in NY, tell our readers what you like to when you are in the big city.

RL: What do i like to do? well, I kind of have a soft spot for making independent films. There are a couple of things I do on my spare time, I dont have much free time...but I like to give back and I have an internship program, its pretty vigorous. I hand pick young people from around the world to work on various creative projects. Aside from that back to the filsm, what I like about independent films is that you get to really see the city and use the city as an actor just because it has so much character, from the South Street Seaport to Battery Park, Soho to the Village all the way up to Harlem where I currently reside. NY just has so many characters, there are so many stories that have been told here. The mecca for pop culture, so many things that have been born from the NY hustler mentality. I love NY. From having a meal downtown at an Italian restuaurant, looking for a property uptown or you know... Harlem... or any of the other other developing areas of the city. I have always been inspired by the creativity in New York City, there are so many different levels of it. Just driving in the city listening to my records with the windows down on the West Side highway or going for a run with my trainer...all of those things paint a great picture of a NYC, a bubbling metropolis with a setting for hustlers. I consider myself a hustler.

Jessica: What are the names of some of your films? Have you completed any?

RL: I am actually releasing a film on youtube, I have a channel on youtube it has 14 million viewers. I shot an eleven minute piece and its loosely based on the concept of "Diamond Girl". Not the concept that I described initally but more of a theatrical concept where I play myself, a Producer that got recruited into a dark secret service mission to retrieve a diamond from a russian superstar, and NY provides an incredible backdrop for this story, with the help of some very talented friends. A Director that I flew in from France. We put together this film and we will be premiering it on my youtube channel in the next, probably 10-14 days. Check it out:

Jessica: Ryan, thanks for the interview, before we end is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

RL: I think we touched on everyting...First, I would like to thank you for featuring me. I hope that I continue to, as an artist, to provide and create material that is trustworthy and from an artistic standpoint.

Tell us what you think.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jermaine Dupri Launches New Record Label

Music producer JERMAINE DUPRI has launched a new music label with an unlikely partner - pharmaceutical giant Procter + Gamble.
Dupri - who has produced hits for Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and longtime girlfriend Janet Jackson - joins a wave of celebrities partnering with consumer goods companies in a bid to revive sleeping sales in the music industry.
The mogul, who currently runs the urban music division of the Island Def Jam Music Group, will team up with Procter + Gamble in a joint venture called Tag Records. The label will sign and release albums by new hip-hop acts in a bid to find fresh talent.
Dupri will serve as president of Tag Records while keeping his position at Island Def Jam.
He says, "I've never seen someone wanting to devote this much money to breaking new artists. Nobody in the music business has the marketing budget that I have."
Rappers Kanye West, Nas, Rakim and KRS-One were nominated for a Grammy Award just last year (08) after releasing their collaborative hit Better Than I've Ever Been with sports brand Nike

Thanks to my ladies over at for this one

PussyCat Doll for Ballys

Bally's is quite the hit with the celeb's these days...First they wanted Britney to campaign for them, however, she didn't get her bootie into quite fast Bally's is now teaming up with the Pussycat Dolls. The ladies are featured in a new commercial showing them working their butts off for their upcoming tour.